Developed for Pilates Teachers with 2 or more years teaching experience.

Pilates 4 Post-Rehab

BENEFITS : Physical Therapists Physiotherapists Rehabilitation Doctors and Nurses Chiropractors

Clients who have specific pathologies or injuries.

Work with clients who have specific pathologies or injuries and help them progress from Post-rehab into fitness.

These courses are for Pilates teachers with a few years of teaching experience who would like to learn more about specific musculoskeletal pathologies and injuries. These courses cover common conditions seen by Pilates teachers, and include a review of the anatomy of the area of the body (spine, lumbopelvic and hip, neck and shoulder) affected, treatments for the injury or pathology, contraindications and precautions, and safe progressions of exercises to help clients move from post-rehab to fitness Pilates.

thumbnail-hksWow how refreshing to attend a course that not only surpasses your expectations but also sends you away inspired together with a step by step method to re-evaluate your teaching methodology to address stress urinary incontinence amongst clients – thank you so so much !!”
— Chiropractic Physician, UK, London

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