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May 5-October 7 Pilates 4 Rehab Series

05/05/2018 @ 9:00 am - 10/07/2018 @ 6:00 pm

- $1500.00

PLEASE NOTE: this is for all three Pilates 4 Rehab Modules (Module 1: Foundations, Module 2: Progressions and Regressions, and Module 3: Transitioning from Rehab and Special Populations) in Atlanta, Georgia at One on One Physical Therapy. See individual course descriptions for details.

These courses are for rehabilitation professionals (physical therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation doctors and nurses, chiropractors) who are seeking quality Pilates teacher training specifically for their unique needs.

The first module explores the history and origins of Pilates, reviews and explains the use of each Pilates apparatus, teaches the Foundation exercises which are essential building blocks for Pilates exercises, and demonstrates the most common exercises on each apparatus.

The second module is intended for those who have access to Pilates apparatus and delves into the core exercises for beginners in Pilates, focusing on progressions and regressions of the exercises.

The third module prepares the rehabilitation professional to help transition their patient to a studio or fitness setting to continue their Pilates practice, and includes considerations for special populations.