Continuing education and teacher training for fitness and medical professionals

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Learn safe modifications for specific injuries and pathologies for your clients who may be referred to you from a medical professional.

Are you a Pilates teacher, physiotherapist, yoga teacher, or chiropractor who is looking for continuing education or Pilates teacher training?

Heather King-Smith has developed the Pilates Continuum Pilates teacher training and continuing education specifically to meet your needs. Pilates 4 Rehab focuses on the foundational movements that physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other rehabilitation professionals need to understand how Pilates works as a system, the origins and history of Pilates, and the beginner through intermediate repertoire to help their patients advance through rehab and into post-rehab Pilates and fitness. Pilates 4 Rehab is able to accomplish these goals in three to four weekend-long modules, rather than the traditional eight to ten weekends, by using a concentrated, accelerated and focused program. Pilates 4 Post Rehab is a programme for Pilates teachers who want to learn more about specific injuries, pathologies, and dysfunction to be better equipped to work with clients with special needs. Specialized Continuing Education is a collection of courses that delve into areas such as Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, the interrelationship of  Breathing and Posture, and reducing urinary incontinence.

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In addition to these continuing education courses, Heather can offer most of the education programs offered by Balanced Body, from primary comprehensive Pilates teacher training, to continuing education.

Heather can bring the courses to your location and tailor the teaching and presentation of the material to your clinic, studio, gym or fitness center. She can also make helpful recommendations on equipment and programming specific to your facility and needs.

thumbnail-p4rDesigned for Rehab Professionals to learn the history of Pilates, practice in Pilates, and learn to teach the beginner to intermediate Pilates repertoire on the apparatus and Mat.

thumbnail-p4rpWith an aging population and client base it is in the best interest of Pilates teachers to educate themselves on common injuries, pathologies, and health conditions.

thumbnail-sceSpecialized continuing education based in current research and functional approaches for common issues your clients may experience.

Module 1: Foundations
Module 2: Progressions and Regressions
Module 3: Transitioning from Rehabilitation to Fitness and Special Populations

1. Lumbopelvic and Hip Pathologies and Injuries
2. Spinal Pathologies and Injuries
3. Shoulder and Neck Pathologies and Injuries

1. Breathing, Posture, and Alignment: From Classical Pilates to Current Research
Myofascial Slings: Form, Force, and Function
Restoring the Core: Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions and Diastasis Recti
Stop Leaks with the Core: Stepwise Approach to Improving Continence

TARGET: Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Doctors, Nurses.

TARGET: Experienced Pilates teachers who are interested in working in Post-Rehabilitation Pilates.

TARGET: Pilates teachers, fitness professionals, personal trainers, Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists.